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What FlyerOnFly Does.

Utilize advanced mobile technologies such as location-enabled, rich push notification, messaging, cloud, and machine learning, to take Small and Medium-sized Business(SMB) marketing experiences to next level, Our goal is to help SMBs grow their business.

  • Mobile based – using mobile devices to perform all lifecycle of mobile marketing
  • Multiple media – support images, videos and PDFs as marketing content
  • Multiple engaged channel – push notifications, messaging, emails, etc
  • Location based – mobile combined locations
  • Built-in Create and publish – build-in efficient processes of creating and publishing content
  • Integration – integrated with main social networks

  • Report data solution – analyzing and predictive analytics
  • Entirely cloud based on storage – stores data in advanced cloud

FlyerOnFly for Marketer.

With iOS mobile app FlyerOnFly for Marketer, the marketer is able to perform all mobile marketing activities in an unified app with iPhones and iPads. Creating contents such as flyers, building a campaign for marketing, and publishing them on FlyerOnFly of iOS and android mobile apps, also can publish them on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc

FlyerOnFly for Customers.

With iOS mobile app FlyerOnFly,  customer can get the marketing contents instantly based on their preferences and pre-defined.

Grow your business
with our platform.