Multiple-Channel of Mobile Engagement.

With fast and reliable media mobile push notification and local notification, our platform is able to send the right mobile messages in the right medias at the right locations, to the preferred and targeted consumers immediately.

Built-in Content Creator & Publish in the Mobile App.

Most SMB might not have full time or part time Graphics Designer to create professional marketing contents, this may be challenging for most businesses in their daily operations.

In our mobile app of FlashPromo for Seller, a built-in Creator is able to make a marketing content within minutes with plenty of templates, background images, a sales stickers, and emojis. The user does not need to have any skills in graphics design. The user can create things by picking up existing templates, building-blocks, and organizing them by their fingers.

After finishing design,  the marketer can publish it immediately on our mobile apps of FlashPromo of iOS and Android, as well as being published on major social media platforms right way.

Integration with Social Platforms.

FlashPromo for Seller mobile app empowers marketers to connect with consumers and customers by integrating major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (more will be available soon).

The seller can create content in the app, review, and publish it for multiple social networks within the app immediately. Meanwhile, the marketer is able to create a campaign that is associated with the content, and post it on media media with a few of minutes.

Grow your business with
advanced tech of mobile shopping & marketing.